Space Technologies is a company that is active in several fields of AeroSpace Technology;

  • Designing, Manufacturing and Launching Rocket Systems for Professional Launch Clients, the ESA CanSat competition and several Universities;

  • Designing and Manufacturing Drone / UAV / UAS parachute landing and emergency parachute recovery systems;

  • Marketing of Drone Parachute Systems, fixed wing and rotor UAV's;

  • Webshop containing parachute systems for Drone's and Rockets.

  • Training in Human Factors and Team / Crew Resource Management;
  • We provide full product support from design and development up to testing, certification, manufacturing, training and operations.


We design and manufacture small and medium rocket systems for the space industry and universities. Our CanSat rocket system is the preferred ESA CanSat launch system.



We design and manufacture Drone Recovery Systems to protect the surroundings of the drone and the drone itself during emergency landings. We also market several drones.


Human Factors Training

We organize two days Human Factors Training with Crew and Team Resource Management, based on our wide AeroSpace experience.


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