Pictures courtesy of Flying Eye France and SkyCat Finland.


All our available drone recovery systems and parachutes can be found in our webshop. For special requests contact us as we also design special systems for drones and fixed wing drones.

In 2012 we started with a prototype of a parachute system for a drone, this was based on our extensive recovery system knowledge of our rocket systems.

Since then allot has happened and we have the lightest available systems besides marketing systems from other manufacturers as you must be able to make the best choice for your drone system and applications in the field.

And remember, in allot of countries these systems are mandatory by law to protect the surroundings when a drone fails. And any drone will fail one day, as it is a complicated mechanical / electrical system, no matter how good your maintenance or flying skills are.

We have clients that flew for thousands of hours before a emergency happened to them, and they were glad the recovery system brought their drone safely to the ground.

You do not only protect the surroundings when a drone comes crashing down and a parachute system saves the day, but you also protect your investment in your drone as landing damage will be allot less when the drone has a recovery system. Insurance companies most of the time give reductions in insurance fee's when the drone is equipped with a parachute system.

Be sure however to incooperate a stand alone activation system that can shut down the drone when the recovery system is activated, as you can experience a total electric failure, and you do want the parachute system to be activated before hitting mother earth.


We can also provide you with several types of rotor and fixed wing drones, some drones can be found in our webshop, larger drones are listed below, contact us for details.

We market the WATT 200 and 300 tethered drone and the PD-1 Unmanned Aerial System.



PD-1 Unmanned Aerial System