Human Factors

Human Factors in Crew and Team Resource Management

Our Dutch Page concerning Human Factors can be found here.

Team Resource Management has been developed from the Second World War to prevent aircraft incidents that are being caused by Human Factors in the cockpit.

Get the best out of people and resources.

Human Factors are a central factor in these non-technical skills;


Decision Making


These skills, alone or in a combination, are the deciding factor in the fatal outcome in about 70 % of incidents and accidents.

Thru following our Human Factors training you are consciously working to improve the employability of staff and resources.

As a result you organization will function optimally and is ready for the future. This improves individual and team performance, improves customer-focus and will make collaboration more efficient.

This works for optimizing your staff, resources and organization. The further automation of all processes in the coming decades will make Human Factors and Team Resource Management increasingly play an important role in any organization.

There are predictions that 50 % of all current jobs will disappear or be completely transformed as a result of automation. So now is the time to prepare your business and your staff for the future.

Our services;

We provide training and support services for Human Factors, Crew and Team Resource Management.

We are able to provide the practical training in 2 days by our long experience in Civil Aviation and Human Resource Management.

The training focuses on the following topics;

Team Resource Management

Organizational factors

How do I form a Expert Team

The Team Objectives

Human Factors

Practical exercises

Employees, managers and every student who attend this course will be able to a more optimal collaboration with colleagues and will be capable of having a better self-reflection. This will lead to saving time and give a workload relief, resulting in a better achievement overall. Also realized is a safer working environment (risk).

In addition, your organization will be customer focused and get a brilliant business look.

This training will gain by the inspiring location. Centrally located and equipped with all modern facilities.

Trainings courses;

The courses are held in an inspiring and central location and are available in the Dutch and English language.

The practical training consists of 2 days with one overnight stay.

The training has a minimum number of 6 participants and a maximum number of 10 participants.

The two-day training can also be given on a location and dates determined by you.

Please contact us for more information or for a quote.